Monday, 2 October 2017

Guidelines November 2017

A pre-publication of Guidelines for Examination November 2017 is available on the EPO website, as well as of the Guidelines for Examination at EPO as PCT authority.
The HTML-pages also contain a page with a list of changes (at the bottom of the left column)

The final version, available as of 1 November 2017, is however not the relevant version for EQE 2018 (Pre-Exam and Main Exam): per decision of the Supervisory Board of 29 September 2017, the relevant date for the applicable law and GL was changed from 31 December to 31 October (see here), such that the November 2016 version is the relevant version for EQE. Note that that version is partially overruled by legal changes (RFees 11, Rule 51(2), Rule 162, Rule 27, Rule 28 EPC) and case law (G 1/15 - partial priority).

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