Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pre-exam 2013: results on 22 March 2013

The EPO has announced that the Pre-exam results will already be available on 22 March 2013.
This is much earlier than last year and will enable candidates to start preparing early on for the main exam.
Great news.

Here is the official notification:

The results of the pre-examination of the European qualifying examination 2013 should be available on the EPO website as of 22 March 2013 and will remain on-line until 02 September 2013 under the following link:

You will be able to find your results by searching in the list for your EQE registration number (EQEReg).

Dispatch of the result letters is foreseen for 5 April 2013. They will be sent by registered mail. If you are not present upon delivery, please collect the letter at your post office before it is returned to the Examination Secretariat.

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