Friday, 22 March 2013

Pre-Exam 2013 - The official answers

Here you can find the official answers and the Examiner's report: Compendium Pre-Exam

The answers are:
1:  T, F, F, F;
2:  T, T, F, F;
3:  T, F, F, T;
4:  F, T, T, F;
5:  T, T, F, T;
6:  F, T, F, F;
7:  F, T, T, F;
8:  F, F, F, T;
9:  T, F, T, F;
10: F, F, T, F;
11: T, T, T, F;
12: F, F, T, F;
13: T, T, F, F;
14: T, F, T, T;
15: T, T, T, T;
16: F, T, F, F;
17: T, F, F, T;
18: T, T, F, T;
19: F, T, T, F;
20: F, F, F, T.


  1. I have a really hard time digesting their answer for Q 12.3.

    I hope I'm wrong, but the elaborate answer for this question in the Examiner's report makes it seem like they originally had the answer labeled 'True', without thinking of the bottle (just refering to the other claim features). It looks like they only afterwards realised the conflict with Q 12.1 and added the following section "Claim II relates to a stopper whenever
    it is inserted in the neck of a bottle. The last sentence of paragraph [010] describes the advantage of the stopper of the third embodiment which only applies when it is inserted into the bottle. Therefore,
    claim II covers the stopper of the third embodiment of the application."

    However, nowhere in paragraphs [010], [011] and Fig.3, the bottle is mentioned or shown (not even in that infamous last sentence). If they wanted to include the bottle in that sentence, they could have easily put in the word "bottle" in there.

    Q 12.3 also refers to "the third embodiment of the stopper" in general, not to "the third embodiment of the stopper in the special case that it is actually in a bottle, but definitely not in the situation as described in Fig. 3 where it is clearly outside the bottle".

    So to me, it seems like they either tried to cover up an initial oversight, or were intentionally mean at a level that goes way beyond the pre-exam. :(

  2. The mark for Delta Patent would have been 96/100.
    With a wrong answer for 19.4 and 20.4.

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