Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Examiner's Report and Results Pre-Exam 2015 (addendum about cardboard)

An addendum is now available to the Pre-Exam Examiners' Report for 2015: here.

It reads:

Statements 15.2 and 17.3 
Since it can be argued (as it was done in some appeals) that the disclosure of D1 may not be sufficient for the candidate to conclude that cardboard generally comprises wood fibres, it was decided to award marks also for the answer “True” in statement 15.2 and for the answer “False” in statement 17.3 to the appellants (Art. 24(3) of the Regulation on the EQE for professional representatives). In addition, also candidates who did not file an appeal on this issue but in the light of these considerations would have passed, were upgraded and were informed accordingly. 

Many thanks to the Examination Committee and Board - it is very unusual for the EQE reports to be updated. This really helps future candidates who practice the exam and then look in the Examiners' Report for guidance.


  1. Thans for the update. Seems the appeal system is fair enough. Hopefully the Board will decide soon on any still pending appeal to allow any candidates prevailing in appeal to sit the Main Exam 2016.

  2. Could you, please, share if you became aware of when the Board will have its meeting on pending appeals? Thank you in advance.