Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Deltapatents will also provide the 8-day Basic Legal Course in Poland for EQE 2016 preparation

We will provide our 8-day Basic Legal Course also in Poland for the first time, in cooperation with Patpol.

The course will be offered in Poland at a reduced course fee compared to the course fee in our training facilities in the Netherlands and as a 25% reduction compared course fee in other countries across Europe.

The course will be given in two blocks, a first 4-day block covering EPC procedural law in June and a second 4-day block covering EPC substantive patent law and PCT procedural law (including EP entry) in September. For maximal efficiency and effectiveness, the course will include the reference book "References to the EPC", updated to include the changes to the Implementing Regulations of the EPC per 1 April 2015 and to the changes to the Regulations under the PCT per 1 July 2015.

By offering the course in cooperation with Patpol in the Patpol office in Warszawa at a reduced course fee, DeltaPatents and Patpol allow candidates from Poland, as well as neighbouring countries and countries that acceded relatively recently to the EPC, to participate in our high-quality, intensive, effective and efficient legal training for EQE 2016 preparation.

For details, refer to our other post here.

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  1. Hi DeltaPatents, that is great! I was considering your course last week but the total cost of course fee and travel from my own country was too much for me as I must pay my self personally and not my company pays. Same problem with CEIPI Basic courses, as that is 20 times or so travel from my home town to the course place, takes too much time. Also I donot like that the CEIPI course is also on Saturdays. So, with the course in only 8 workdays my boss allows me to go and I donot need to take holidays to come, and with the 2-block structure the extra cost for train and hotel is also much lower. I will try again whether my boss now want to pay and will register as soon as I know that. Thank you, J