Monday, 7 April 2014

Discussion of answers in Examiner's Report for Pre-Exam 2014 - 10.4, 18.4 and 20.2?

The comments to our Pre-Exam blog threads show an active discussion on, in particular, two statements of Pre-Exam 2014 where many candidates -and we- do not agree with the answer indicated in the Examiner's report published on the EQE website.

In the legal part, the answer to statement 10.4 is debated - see the comments to the thread "Preliminary answers to the Legal Part of Pre-Exam 2014".

In the legal part, the answer to statements 18.4 and 20.2 are debated - see the comments to the thread "Preliminary answers to the Claims Analysis Part of Pre-Exam 2014".

We would appreciate if you can share with us your scores on these two statements -either as comment to this blog, or by email to us-, together with your overall score (irrespective whether you passed or failed), so we can prepare some statistics on both answers:
- your (nick)name or EQE registration number;
- your answer to 10.4:  True/False;
- your answer to 18.4:  True/False;
- your answer to 20.2:  True/False;
- your total score