Sunday, 23 February 2014

Good luck tomorrow (24 February 2014)!!!

We wish all Pre-Exam 2014 candidates good luck at tomorow's Pre-Exam.

Make sure to score more than 70 marks to pass, and feel invited to check out our Main Exam training program starting as from May with Advanced D Legal Training (in NL only) and with Methodology Courses for all papers as from September at course locations all across Europe, as well as Guided Exam courses in December/January and our correction paper program for all papers.

If you pass the Pre-Exam but your Basic Legal knowledge was not really at the required level, we also offer an 8-day Basic Legal Training (in 3 blocks of 4, 2 and 2 days) at our course venue in Eindhoven (NL).
This 8-day, 3-block course is scheduled twice: a first course group starting in late March (21/3-3/4, 2-3/6 and 8-9/9) to allow main exam 2015 candidates to complete the Basic Legal Course before enrolling in the main exam methodology courses, and a second course group starting in September (15-18/9, 3-4/11, 15-16/12) to allow pre-exam 2015 candidates to do a complete legal training starting only after summer.

The details of all courses can be found on our website under "IP Courses"