Thursday, 10 October 2013

Major change to Pre-Exam marking for EQE 2014

The Supervisory Board has just published an important decision - starting in 2014, the passing grade will be for 70 points instead of 50$FILE/Decision_Supervisory_Board_10_2013_en.pdf

If 70 had been needed at the last pre-Exam, then the pass rate would have dropped from 99.6% to 88.5%. In other words, of the 643 candidates, the number of failures would have increased from 2 to 74.

As this is your gateway to the Main Exam, and it is only given once a year, this means that you really have to prepare for it and do the exam carefully.


  1. The 2012 pre-exam pass rate would have dropped to 90.5%. Interestingly, no candidate who scored 50 to 69 in the 2012 pre-exam passed all 4 main EQE papers in 2013.

  2. Elizabeth, I have compared the pre-exam results of 2012 to the main exam results of 2013 and found one candidate with 69 on the pre-exam and 4 passes on the main exam. Also one candidate with 65 for the pre-exam who passed with compensation.
    And to my surprise, I also found 3 candidates that failed the pre-exam and passed the main exam. But maybe there is something strange happening with the registration numbers.

    1. Problem with VLOOKUP in Excel. The candidates that failed the pre-exam did not sit the main exam.

    2. Do you know how many candidates with more than 90 at Preexam have passed the main exam

    3. 122 candidates (41%) scored 90 or more for the 2012 pre-exam. 76 of them (62%) scored 4 passes for the 2013 main exam. 17 (14%) passed with compensation.