Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pre-exam 2013: our answer to the claims analysis questions

As with the Pre-Exam 2012, some of the claims analysis questions led to some discussion between different tutors.

For two statements (12.3 and 20.4) - indicated with question marks below), we can argue either way. For these statements, we give the answer that we think was expected by the exam committee and our comments.

Our answers to the claims analysis questions of Pre-Exam 2013:

11: T, T, T, F;
12: F, F, ?T?, F;
13: T, T, F, F;
14: T, F, T, T;
15: T, T, T, T;
16: F, T, F, F;
17: T, F, F, T;
18: T, T, F, T;
19: F, T, T, T;
20: F, F, F, ?F?

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Pre-Exam 2013: answers to legal questions

The legal part of Pre-Exam 2013 was a bit more difficult than the very first Pre-Exam of 2012, but -in our view- candidates who were well-prepared should not have had any difficulty to score at least 35-40 marks on the legal part.
The questions covered a nice variety of EPC and PCT topics, with time limit questions being a bit over-represented. For each topic, questions addressed multiple aspects.

Our answers to the legal questions:

1: T, F, F, F;
2: T, T, F, F;
3: T, F, F, T;
4: F, T, T, F;
5: T, T, F, T;
6: F, T, F, F;
7: F, T, T, F;
8: F, F, F, T;
9: T, F, T, F;
10: F, F, T, F

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Pre-Exam 2013 paper available

A copy of yesterday's Pre-Exam 2013 can be found on the Deltapatents website via IP Courses --> EQE Pre-Exam --> right-side column: link to "EXAM PAPER PRE-EXAMINATION EQE 2013"


Our answers to the questions will be posted asap.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Don't be surprised at EQE 2013 (Pre-Exam)

With less than 3 weeks to go to the EQE 2013, make sure you know the format of the exam, where it is, what time it starts, and the rules during the exam

1) Be familiar with the formats:

Pre-Exam - 25 February 2013
No changes in format. The exam will look the same as last year and the same as the mocks of March & September 2011

2) Look at complaints from last years candidates about your exam location in the Candidate Survey page 20-28.
For example, if it can be cold, make sure you have enough clothes with you.

3) Look at the  Instructions to candidates concerning the conduct of the EQE (page 41-46) for the rules on pens, watches etc