Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Now available: Questions and Answer Book for Pre-Exam

The new Question and Answer book is now available

Comprising 250 questions covering the core subjects that candidates may need to deal with at the Pre-Exam. About 100 of these are provided in a True/False format, so that candidates can practice answering such questions, and test their progress in an efficient manner.

The provisional contents for the book are:
• 1: Introduction - how to prepare for the Pre-Exam and how to use this book
• 2: Pre-Exam Study Guide - references to essential reading for each module - key topics, relevant articles and rules, Guidelines & Applicants Guide references
• 3: Legal Questions and Answers - to test the absorption and comprehension of studied EPC and PCT topics
• 4: Claim Analysis Questions and Answers - to test substantive legal topics such as novelty, inventive step, extension of subject matter and clarity
• 5: Claim Analysis Cases – to test application of the legal concepts to small cases, based on previous EQE exams
• 6: Two mock Pre-Exams – the papers of March and September 2011 from the EQE Examination Board, together with our proprietary model solutions explaining why the answers should be True or False 

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